Monday, August 17, 2015

Is there any place who can accommodate me?

I couldnt stand being here for even another second!

Life starts after 6.30?

This is just noT right at all.............................

I need a way out. An alternative plan..

Resume.. Interview..Money..

After all those.. will life be any better than this?

I am a floating dead soul in a walking body

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

I wonder what make me visit here again...

Reading back the previous posts is always nostalgic. It's like judging the younger you... The good bad old days. What if.......... Always the two words that slap myself on the face real hard.

At this moment, days are still passing like water flowing off the tap. Meaningless.

There is nothing much to look forward to but 6.30 and holidays ahead.

Even looking forward for 27th pay day make me feel like any ordinary OL. Well, I am not any better than them. Physically present but mentally has flew off... or nvr been here at all.

What am I expecting in life?
I have no idea at all 

I couldn't find myself in this suffocating working environment.
"Suffocating" in this bird cage with no interest to be in.

How to change my lifestyle?
How to make my day brighter? 
How to escape from my routine?
How to live happier?

I am not complaining, not putting the blame on anyone.

I am responsible for where I am today.
Just........... is there anything I can do to help myself?

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Asking for transfer? Is it a big mistake of mine?? I wonder......

It has been a mess since I sent that email..
Words went up to HR director.. To my immediate bosses.. To seniors around...
And hell ya... U bet that I have not have any peace moments in office since then..

Human is meant to be selfish...
The concerns of those unrelated personnel.. be it colleagues, bosses, or seniors...
Their intentions are always a big question mark to me...
Who on earth in a working environment will care wats going on with u, unless they are indirectly being dragged into the problem loop n affecting their benefits some way somehow..
So pliz..... Just go away n stop bothering me if u are just trying to cover own shit..

It was a mismatch from the start for me to be in this position..
I struggled hard n finally decided to voice out for a better scope of work
Yes.. Along the way.. Ppl call me a lady with guts.. Or silly young fresh grad...
Do u think i give a damn?
I just wan a better path n better learning platform..
As I said earlier.. No one is responsible for ur future but u yourself!

I just wan to get over with all these mess...
It's really beyond my control.. Whether or not to leave.. It's up to how management wants me to be..
I did my part n pliz just leave me alone...
I was advised that to survive in such big corporation like this... U have to talk to the right people at the right place at the right time..
People approaching me trying hard to be the so called right people is really kind of u guys..
But enuf is enuf.. ! Give me a break la wei..........

Hey frenz..
Opportunity dun come knocking on ur door. Start doing something to be build who u wanna be!

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

It has been a while since my last appearance here.

Life.... Ntg is ever easy (for me).

Been thru lots these few months..  Laughter n tears...
Trust me... Being Jane is very tiring....

You may say... U will live happier if u ask for less n live as it is..
And you know wat.. I call tat "Bullshit"..
I am aggressive? Or mildly aggressive as wat I was told? Like to be the center of attention? Nvr hav enuf of wat I have?
Hey n hey..... Isn't tat who Jane is all these while??
Giving myself  all these excuses to slow down is wat coward does.. N hell ya... I am not.
How can u even move on n improve when u are fully satisfied with who u are??

I am responsible for my own future. Appreciate anyone's advise n critics along the way.
But please bear in mind... You can give ur comments at this moment and turn around forget bout it the next moment.. You are not going to walk my life for me.
So... Whether or not I fight for wat I want... Tats my concern n responsibility.

Of all those messed up thing tat happened n still going on... One thing I am very glad...
I have you to be with me along the journey. Please stay close becoz I do not know when is the next strike again... Thanks for your patience n love!

Simple is always cool huh....
I need a getaway.....

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Jane oh Jane...

Where are u?

Interface Engineer??


A body without a soul

Friday, July 25, 2014

End of the Honeymoon period....

Back to track back to real life....

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Taiwan backpacking trip was a SUCCESS!
Another tick off my to-do-list...

Travelling alone was not as easy as it looks..
There were so so SO many things to learn along the journey..
They are just beyond words which you really have to have the guts to experience them urself.

I see life... I see how ppl live in simplicity... how ppl can be connected sincerely.. dot dot dot..

Of coz, I thank dad for his support and trust. Though there were tonnes of worries, the complete trust he gave made him the coolest dad EVER!

Well.... another person worth mentioning...
I thank you for all these!
When everyone around underestimated me.. discouraged me... even called me a nuts to backpack alone..
It was you! You who trust n knew I can accept this challenge and take up ur dare. You who continuously build up those positive thoughts when ppl around wanted me to call it off... 
I know you are the right one...
I dun need someone who pampered me like a queen or someone who listen and be controlled..
Someone who helps me to improve.. someone who wants  me to be a better person.. someone who is never afraid to criticize.. someone who can guide me when I am on the verge of making a decision..
Thanks !

Another great weekend getaway to Langkawi.